Intuitive Design. Feature Packed.

Designed with the physician in mind and containing all of the features needed to run your practice in one complete system.

Patient Scheduling

Schedule Calendar: Physicians can view and manage their schedule from their mobile device. Office administrators can view the schedule based on facilities or providers depending on their needs.

Online Patient Scheduling: Reduce the number of calls regarding appointments with online scheduling where patients can schedule their appointments through the patient portal. The provider selects what slots can be scheduled online and what appointment types in those slots, if desired, and patients can schedule from their mobile app.


Eligibility Checks: Batch eligibility checks are run the night before the scheduled patients are set to come in to know whether the patient’s insurance information in the system is active or not. Appointments scheduled the same day have eligibility checks run automatically to verify the proper insurance, copay, and deductible information.

Online Sign-In Forms: Patients can complete the check-in process, update any demographic information, and enter encounter related information before the physician sees the patient.


Appointment Reminders: To reduce the number of missed visits and maximize revenue send appointment reminders through patient portal, phone calls, emails, or text messages based on the patients preference.

Follow-Up Notices: Remind staff to schedule patients who need follow-up appointments weeks before they need to come in to ensure patients with chronic conditions are managed properly.

Prior Auth

Easer Initiation: Through SureScripts formulary and benefit checks, know immediately whether a prior authorization is needed. Initiate the prior authorization and within seconds get a response with the questions required for the prior authorization.

Faster Decisions: Decrease the wait time for a prior authorization from a matter of days to just a few hours through the CompletEPA solution.


Improved Workflow: Whether new prescriptions or patient refills, manage electronic prescriptions quickly and easily from your desktop or mobile device to patients get their prescription sooner at any pharmacy accepting e-prescriptions nationwide.

Important Information: Automatic drug-drug, drug-allergy, and formulary and benefit checks to make sure the patient is getting the right medication at the best price.


Process Driven: Create templates to expedite the lab ordering process to submit the lab orders to LabCorp, Quest, and other labs around the country. Once the results are back, view them in the user’s dashboard to take the appropriate action for the patient.

Easy to Share: Since the labs are instantly in the patient’s chart upon receiving the results it makes for sending to the patient or a referring physician easy.

Encounter Note

Document Naturally: Ordering tests, documenting notes, and reviewing prior encounters are easier than ever to perform during the encounter. Providers can free text, dictate, or use pre-constructed templates to complete the encounters.

Increase Efficiency: Spend longer face-to-face with patients as the amount of the time on the computer is reduced thanks to the customized templates for review of systems, assessment & plan, lab ordering, and more.


Complete RCM: Let a dedicated SoftAge account representative provide the solution your practice needs to improve your financial performance. From the moment the claim is submitted to the clearinghouse until the statement has been paid by the patient, this representative will track, follow-up, and process through the entire process.

Faster Payments: Submit the claim directly after sign off and get the revenue cycle management process started to get your practice paid faster.


Improved Outcomes: Let the system continue to analyze the information put into the system to determine what treatment methods are producing the best outcomes for your patient populations.

View Trends: From scheduling and billing to labs and medications, view various practice information presented in the pleasant manner that is easy to understand so the organization can make the necessary adjustments that benefit the practice.